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2013-09-30 02:02:52 by TommysUsername

If you're reading this, you're a good person.

My newest and greatest flash

2008-03-27 12:39:34 by TommysUsername

Is without a doubt Barnyard Hijinx. It was fun to make the entire time and is probably my only animation I can watch after it was completed. Once I heard Bucketheads "Hog Bitch Stomp" I knew I had to make a flash around it and I don't think I could have used that song in a flash any better.

So even though it didn't win any awards or no front pagery, I still consider this my best flash. Not alot of effort went into it and I finished it in about 4 days but its still the funnest to watch out of all my creations and in my opinion thats what a flash is all about.

Barnyard Hijinx.


EDIT:: Ok so it made it to the front page after all


2007-07-23 20:43:26 by TommysUsername

I like flash its neat.